My name is ???????? and I am in charge of the 50/50 raffle during the football games at FDUB. Helping with 50/50 is a great way to help out with raising money for the band. And a benefit for helping out is you get to watch the game and watch the kids preform the half time show. What we do is sell tickets during the fist half of the game and then take 1/2 of what we have earned and draw for the winning number. The person with the winning number takes home the prize money. The other 1/2 goes to the general band account to help with band expenses.
On a home game night, I usually like to have at least 3 people help out each game. This gives us enough people to be visible to all and to work both the home side and the visitors side. We meet about 5:45 at the shed behind the concession stand and start around 6 pm and work until halftime. We then watch the show and then meet back at the concession stand for the count.
The following is what we sell the tickets for:

1 for $1
6 for $5
And 100 for $50
(yes we have had several people take advantage of this qty)

So come on out with us on a Friday night and enjoy the fun of a game/show/fundraising good time.